In almost 40 years of operation, EMTA has become a reputable Global Group of Companies within the domestic and international energy generation and transmission & distribution markets.


- The manufacturer of bared aluminum rod, wire and conductor and insulated aluminum

- End to end turnkey solution partner of power plant owners for turbine, generator, tanks
   and e-BOP and m-BOP packages of medium and large power plant investments

- Sales and marketing company that serves our estimable customers for the material
   and  equipment needs of their projects in energy T&D market

Important factors such as globalization, the need for further institutionalization, involvement of new generations in management and operational transparency have led to the restructuring of the EMTA Group of Companies, which are EMTA CABLE & CONDUCTOR, EMTA ENERGY, EMTA GLOBAL TRADING and EMTA SALES & TRADING

As one of the most respectful companies in Turkish T&D Sector, EMTA has transformed itself from a company focused on the domestic market to a company that serves the needs of customers in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, North America and CIS Countries.

As a pioneer institution in the sector in terms of technology and quality, which makes crucial contribution to its country, is conscious of its responsibilities for the society and the environment, adopts sustainable growth as a life style, our target is to present products and services, which will ensure the greatest benefit for our customers, as the best solution partner and to ensure constant customer satisfaction